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Muscogee Nation Government

Mvskoke Pendleton Magnet


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Limited edition Mvskoke Pendleton magnet. 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches

The blanket reads like a map regarding the colors. Colors appearing in each of the directions other than the colors that represent them are present to create balance. Nothing on earth is pure. There is some peace in aggression and some aggression in peace. We can’t have one without the other.

  • North: White, Peace
  • East: Yellow, Creation
  • South: Red, Aggression
  • West: Black, Death
  • Blue represent the sky or water.
  • Green represents the earth.
  • The 16 crosses represent the 16 active ceremonial grounds. There are 4 of the crosses that are filled with yellow representing the 4 mother towns.
  • The crosses north of center are white, representing that direction and white or peace towns.
  • The crosses south of center are red, representing that direction and red or war towns.
  • The sun rises on the right side and is composed mostly of yellow representing east.
  • The sun sets on the left side and is composed mostly of black representing west.
  • The center equilateral cross is balanced proportionately with respect to size, shape, and color.


Our responsibility as Mvskoke people is to do our best to keep balance and harmony in the world. Because we are human, we falter and, sometime, make bad choices. Chaos ensues. The Posketv (literally: fasting; representative of the Green Corn Ceremony or the New Year/Harvest within the Mvskoke culture) provides the opportunity to restore balance to the earth and our lives.


This is similar Christianity. God created a world in which we get to live. He made us responsible for it and each other. We sin causing chaos and disorder in the world. We send penitence and prayers to God with the hope that He will repair the damage we cause.


The blanket’s design represents our love for each other and our Maker. Love is the strongest element on this earth and the strongest element in Mvskoke culture (vnokeckv). It is the reason why our Maker created us and the world in which we live and the one thing that allows for the restoration of balance. It is the outcome for which we pray and the purpose of our ceremonies and worship within our Christian churches.